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The Power of Linux on Android.

Run full-fledged Linux Distros right on your Android device without rooting.


What do you get?

Get a wide selection of almost all the major distributions, desktop environments and window managers.



Ever thought of trying out new distributions? We provide a large variety of distribution to choose from. Just select any of your favorite distributions, and you are ready to roll.


Desktop Environments

Do you like to have a customizable UI? Then, we have the most prominent Window Managers to select from so that you can flex your Linux rice on Android.


Window Managers

Do you like to rice your setups and want to have a minimalistic and lightweight workspace? Then, we have the most renowned Desktop Environments to choose from so that you always have an option to customize your desktop according to your needs.


It's easy...

Just a few steps to your favourite distributions. Easy to follow with an intuitive UI.


Just copy and paste a command from Andronix into Termux.



Wait for the download to complete & setup the distro.



Connect any display to the VNC server running on your phone.



Enjoy your distro on any screen you like within your network!



What can I do with Andronix?

Genuine question, but this cannot be answered without writing a book. There are infinite uses for Andronix. To keep it in understandable terms, you can almost do 70% of what you can do on an actual Linux machine.

Run Linux

Run distributions like Ubuntu, Manjaro, Kali and a lot more with all major desktop environments.

Sync Commands

Sync your commands from the app and access them from anywhere in the world with our web app.

Software Support

You can use almost all the major software and tools that support ARM-based processors.

Community Support

No need to roam around for help anymore. Join our support platforms and get solutions to your issues


What people say!

Listen to what our users say about us all around the internet.

When I started this project it helped me a lot to be able to use a Linux distribution on my phone, so I could access the desktop software that I needed so much, I never thought this was possible.



I always said Andronix have a great support team! It always answer every question! Other apps don't have such support, it answering for uhm... 9,999,999 days.



The best among the options I tried to install GNULinux systems. I have a Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 plus, and a wireless keyboard / mousepad, I use it for daily functions, LibreOffice and Firefox mostly. Good way to have a reasonably functional desktop tablet.

Carlos Gamez

Google Play Store

For anyone who's used Linux on DeX and is upset they cancelled it, I found an excellent replacement on the play store called Andronix. I've been using it the past few days now and I'm very happy with it!

Phoenix Bird



Our Products

Here's what we offer...


Andronix Modded OS

Modded OS is optimized, beautified and super stable distros customized by us. We carefully choose what goes into these and cherry pick the best features for you.

Know more about Andronix Modded OS


Andronix Premium

Andronix Premium acts as an extention to the Andronix app. It add features like Offline Distribution Installation, Andronix Commands and much more.

Know more about Andronix Premium


Andronix Commands

Andronix commands helps your keep all your notes and essential commands always synced across all your devices.

Know more about Andronix Commands


Andronix UnModded OS

Variety of distros and desktop environment free of cost with community support channels if you are ever stuck with an issue.

Let's make the world more open and free to use.

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