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Who are we?

We are developers from India who like to share our knowledge and try to deliver a platform to mobile users to make them aware of the Linux kernel and distributions, providing them a way to use desktop software on their Android devices. We are really thankful to all our users and our additional team members for supporting us and bringing us to where we are today.


Our Story

It's kinda long but quite interesting. It's our story from yet another app that let's you install Linux to one of the top ones in the domain.

The idea of Andronix was incepted in 2019 when we, Prakhar Shukla and Anurag Verma, were riding back home from our workout. It struck us that people use their phones as computers either because they cannot afford them or for portability. So we thought of converting that idea into an app which ended up us finding that apps that helped you install Linux on Android. However, there were a few issues. First, they were just outdated and ugly to look at, and secondly, if you're stuck, you're basically on your own.

Andronix was born. We released our first version, way different from what it currently offers. The journey started, and soon we released Andronix Premium, Andronix Commands, and then the most anticipated product, the Andronix Modded OS. We enjoyed and learned a lot while developing for Andronix. It gave us a platform to refine our passion for programming.

To say that Andronix has changed our lives would be an understatement because of all the love we get, whether from the people rating us or emailing us about how much they love using Andronix to the mods over at Discord helping us to keep things moving around here. We are ever so grateful for all the love and support we get.

Andronix, as of July 2021, is now a part of Devriz Technologies LLP.


Our Team

Here we are. We have a spectrum of people down here, from developers to community moderators to people who support us and much more.

Prakhar Shukla


I work on developing the Android app, the backend, the web related stuff, app pipelines and testing.

Anurag Verma

Linux Backend

I work on porting the Linux distributions, installation process, testing and support management.

Support Team


Discord Chief Moderator

I'm the moderator at the Andronix Discord server, where you'll see a small but friendly and helpful community willing to assist you.



Andronix is a must have for any power user of their android device, it can replace the now defunct Linux on Dex.

Let's make the world more open and free to use.

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