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Refund Policy

Andronix offers digital purchases that include Andronix Premium, Andronix Modded OS and much more. We strictly follow the aforementioned refund policy and the deviation from the same entirely depends upon our discretion.

If your purchase qualifies for the refund, it will be a no-questions asked refund.

Andronix Premium

We don't offer refunds on Andronix Premium when bought from our app.

Please read carefully what does it offer and then make a purchase.

We do offer refunds on Andronix Premium when bought from our website.

Andronix Modded OS

We do offer refunds on Andronix Modded OS

We have no-questions asked refund policy for Modded OS if your purchase satisfies the following condition

Your purchase is made within 3 days of raising the refund request. This is counted from the local time of the purchase.

We don't entertain swapping requests for Modded OS, unless the original one is not properly functioning.

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